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Strawberry picking season in Japan | Yoshimura Strawberry Park

Japanese Strawberry picking season

Strawberry picking is a popular activity in Japan, both among the locals and international tourists. Many farms across Japan offer Strawberry picking so it is good to know the best seasons to go strawberry picking if you are visiting Japan.

Here is the strawberry season of where our farm is located in Tochigi Prefecture. Tochigi prefecture is the most popular strawberries picking destination in Japan, so it is a good benchmark to have.

If the location you want to visit is more towards the West or South side of Japan, the strawberry season can be a few weeks to a month earlier and if the location you want to visit is North from Tochigi prefecture it is a few weeks to a month or so later.

Start of the season


*If it has been a warm Autumn, the strawberry season may start a little early at the end of November.

Peak Season

Jan-Mid April

*January to March is generally a great time to pick strawberries. Weekdays (except when our farm is closed once a week) can be a great time to visit as weekends are sometimes busy during the peak season.

End of the season

Mid April – May

*If the Winter / Spring is warmer than usual the strawberry season may end a bit earlier.

The Strawberry season for Tochigi Prefecture.

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi Prefecture has been harvesting the most strawberries in Japan since 1968 (That’s 50 years!).

Strawberry depending on the type of strawberry.

Type of Streawberry Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

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