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How it works | Strawberry picking in Mashiko | Yoshimura Strawberry Park

Step 1

Pay entry fee

(rates vary depending on the month)

Step 2

Pick and eat to your heart’s content!

Step 3

Buy strawberries for home if you’re up for some more.

(separate fee)

What to DO
  • Have lots of fun!
  • Try them all! We have 6 strawberry varieties in our farm. We recommend you start with Tochiotome – it’ll be a good reference point for comparing the texture, sweetness, and sourness of other varieties. See if you can taste the difference!
  • Eat, eat, and eat. Once you’re in the park, you’re welcome to eat as much as you’d like. Make sure you have space in your tummy!
What NOT do
  • What our park offers is all-you-can eat on site; please don’t take the strawberries out of the park. You’re welcome to eat as much as you can while at the park, and strawberries to take home are available for sale for a separate fee.
  • Please don’t throw away the strawberries on the ground, even if you don’t like their taste. It makes the ground smooshy and unpleasant for other guests.

We appreciate your cooperation!

Things to keep in mind

The way our farm works might be slightly different from what some guests are used to. Here at Yoshimura Strawberry Farm, guests enjoy all-you-can eat strawberries on site.

  • Guests must eat all the strawberries they pick at the farm, unlike other farms in which guests pick fruit to take home. Strawberries for take-out are sold separately.
  • Children must be supervised at all times, as this is a working farm.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes. The ground may be slippery at times.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or theft. Please keep your valuables with you at all times.

Unlimited strawberries, endless fun!
Visit us for dates, a day out with friends, or great family fun.

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